Update for Tomoliving.com and start of Tribe Lab

For Tomoliving.com we have written two blogs.

One is a brief market research on the London Property Market and Employee Statistics, the other is on where to find market research by Property Consultants.

We’ve used resources from the Business & IP Centre London at the British Library and this has been useful for our research. For Tomoliving.com the Construction & Property Industry Guide was a good start.

In the background we have have been doing value propositions and looking at customer profiles. By looking at the customer profiles, we will be able to put the customers into segments and look at their gains, pains and goals to find what kind of product and services each segment are looking for which will help in making our website more flexible to shifts in customer profiles.

As a side project we have started Tribe-lab.com. We have started this Social Network project for people in our network to share knowledge. Knowledge between friends is a big asset and we believe a platform to share knowledge without the information being lost in history would be useful for our friends around us. As a MVP we are going to use bbPress and BuddyPress. If we get enough traction we will look into coding the site.


Domain and host bought = start of TomoLiving.com!

Instead of just developing the site on MAMP, we have decided to buy a domain and host to see the demand on creating a market place for renters and landlords who are friends/connected to share information in regards to property. We are going to do a survey of what people want to see from the idea.

The domain is tomoliving.com. Hope to get a simple site up with a header image, information in regards to what we are going to create, a Survey created on Typeform and email subscription for people who are interested in the progress of the web app. We hope to have the site up and ready by end of Friday.

We bought the domain tomoliving.com on Namecheap.com due to the fact they offer 1 year free whois guard and the prices for buying a domain is really reasonable and its easy to map the DNS (Domain Name System) to the DNS servers on the host side.

We have gone with Kualo as the host due to reviews we have had of their customer service. We went for the host reselling option, and we have had some issues and their support team have been fantastic. The support team told us about a third party proxy service anonymouse as there is probably a propagation issue in after making nameserver changes.

The initial site will be in wordpress to get the information out to the world.

The way we decided on the name was to get a lot of friends around the table to tip in on the names which they think could work for the idea. In the end we agreed that we would go by one name and if we thought of a better one we would change it in the future.

Tomo (友) means friend in Japanese. So we decided we would go by Friend Living as a starter. There were ideas such as Frenters and Frenancy but Frenters.com was taken and Frenancy didn’t sound as appealing for now.

Creating a website?

For those of you who are creating a website for your startup business and want to get a MVP (minimum viable product) out asap to see the demand for your idea. The following tools are hassle free and don’t require coding skills:

1. Squarespace

2. Strikingly

3. Wix

At Escape the City, Squarespace is referenced as an easy website builder to use.

This blog is created on WordPress, on a host (if you use WordPress on WordPress, editors, database and file manager options are limited so we would advise on using a host such as Kualo). Personally we like this option because it lies between a template website builder and offers flexibility of coding in php with reference to mySQL database. There is an option for users to create a section for a website using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP in their file manager in case they want to test the website out on mobiles or tablets, which is a real benefit for those who want to become website developers in the future.

Our current project on creating a website for property is being created on HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Apache and mySQL model.

Initially we tried to create it using the apps which were installed on the MAC. (Jason had a good and easy way to do the installation process on OS X Yosemite).

After playing around with the above option, we decided to go back onto MAMP. (We play around with our WordPress website on MAMP before it goes live). It requires a single fire up of Apache and mySQL database by the MAMP app it makes life easier compared to having separate Apache and mySQL frameworks.

FYI XAMPP is available for non MAC users

Conservatives have won the UK elections. What could this mean?

Conservatives won the UK elections on 8th May 2015. The UK Election 2015 results mapped with the regions being taken in each constituents can be seen on the Telegraph.

What does this mean?

UK Property are predicted to surge from International Investors according to the Evening Standard. For land owners and landlords this is welcoming news. For the first time buyers this is worrying news when the cost of a property isn’t affordable and people new to the property ladder will have to spend a multiple of over 5 times there wages, maybe even 10 times. For those renting to buy a property in the future, could this mean a roller-coaster ride or will the government help out and intervene?

There is one thing people need to be aware of in regards to the Conservatives re-election which is the Snoopers Charter. If the bill is passed it could increase the mass surveillance in the UK. As written by Play Top Secret could this be a start of George Orwell’s 1984?

The manifesto by the Conservatives had a pledge to increase the number of startups to 600,000 per year as written in the Guardian. The amount of startup loan could treble in the next few years and this will make the startup industry very exciting in the years to come.


UK Elections

Its going to be an interesting and exciting night, especially for those in the finance markets.

What are the likely hood of the Fixed Income, Equity and Forex markets going mad in the UK?

The YouGov and the Official Exit Polls are showing different results, which can cause confusion.

Labour is effective pro individuals, Conservatives is pro business.

Will Ed Miliband be able to run the UK or will David Cameron keep pursuing his economy reform?

Labour have kept Sunderland South. Will the result show a similar result as in YouGov of Labour catching up or will it be Conservative keeping hold of seats as shown in the Official Exit Polls.

Lets see if Lord Ashdown eats his hat or not 🙂

Banks consider Startups as Opportunity rather than Threat?

In the American Banker there was an article with the subject Banks lean on startups to bolster their digital futures. Citigroup and other banks are increasingly looking to startups to help them compete in a world where tech firms such as Google, Apple are becoming potential threats. This is an interesting article where Banks have realised the importance of the disruption scene. We hope more focus is put onto this subject and banks realise the importance of technology. Banks have been cutting their budget on internal Technology teams as they consider it to be a cost center rather than teams to bolster/improve their success in the future.
Lloyds’ Strategy Director has said “Competition from tech firms and startups is ‘opportunity’ rather than threat”. Lloyds have recently been outperforming the other UK banks and seem to be on the right paths. The Director said “there is a lot we can learn from each other” in regards to new competitors. The big four UK banks are going through restructuring. Adopting, improving efficiency and being more innovative are going to be key topics for them.

A good three point guide to Startups can be found in the Entrepreneur in the article with subject “Startups: Don’t Make These 3 Financial Mistakes”

For a good read, LinkedIn has an article with subject 5 Lessons From 30 Days @ LinkedIn. It has 5 key points which we wish everyone in the World would consider whilst working.

Losing a co-founder.. Its better to say No

This weekend started off with Bad News. Losing a Co-founder for the Startup, I was starting. The Co-Founder was unable to commit on the Property Project for this present moment in time. I am going to learn more into the Technical side of our project as previously before I was spending my time on research, design and potential marketing. In regards to the Co-founder, I will give him space, support and time to see if he would be interested in coming back onto the project when the time suits him better. He is a great Asset to have in the team. He is driven and provides ample technical knowledge.
Second Bad News: I was meant to move properties today, but I have been unable to this because a friend, who was meant to help me move cancelled in the last minute. I was not impressed in the manner of how my friend had cancelled and sent a message about prioritising, organising and committing to help out, whilst expressing my disappointment. Hopefully he will think about why I was disappointed and how he can improve the next time he decides to help. Its certainly better to say No or not offer to help, than offer to help and then cancel in the last minute.
Overall a disappointing weekend in terms of the business and personal life but things keep going and Im actually feeling quite calm considering the 2 set backs.

Tesla Battery in Homes? Property sector backs Tories.

Tesla Battery in homes?

As reported in the BBC, Tesla are going for the battery industry in homes. Moixa Technology in the UK have been researching and developing on something similar but with less marketing and smaller team their specifications do not seem to be able to compete against Tesla.
The BBC has reported “lithium ion battery could be superseded within a few years by other technology, like hydrogen fuel cells”. Ceres Power an offspring of Imperial College is a player in the Fuel Cell Market. If fuel cells become more in demand will Tesla start researching and developing into the industry or will they be acquiring?
From a engineering point of view Tesla have helped put focus on the Battery and Renewable industry for homes and I am hoping to see more competition and innovation in this industry.

Property sector backs Tories

Property Week revealed property companies donated £1.28m to the Tories – six times the amount given to Labour. Each sector has their values but its interesting to see the figures, even though its easy to see from history why property companies like the Tories.

Moving homes, Borough Market, Cafe East

Today was a day of packing, followed by a meeting with a friend at Monmouth Coffee in Borough Market, then dinner with a school friend since 13yrs old at Cafe East in Canada Water.

What GDP doesnt tell us.. UK Housing Crisis? RBS :(

New Economics has written an article about What GDP does not tell us. It talks about the further unbalancing in the economy. How households are returning back into debt and how the economy is back in pre 2008 path. 12.3% of the GDP figure was household rent and “imputed rent” greater than any other G7 countries. If people are feeling at unease with the economy this might be because the indicator to a good economy, the GDP, is like the Black-Scholes model, and simply the wrong indicator to use to measure the economy.

There is an article in the Huffington Post about politicians not understanding the housing crisis, and the need to stop rolling out hundreds of “piecemeal schemes” that prop up a broken system. The panelists who discussed about the housing crisis had Richard Lambert, CEO National Landlords Association and David Orr, CEO of the National Housing Federation in the round table. The were further comments in the article made by David Lammy, London Mayor Candidate. It was a really interesting read and we were so intrigued we sent email/messages to the three people mentioned in the article in regards to spare room tenancy. If they are happy with having the comments on the this blog we will put it up but we are really interested in the opinion.

Lastly, can things ever go right at RBS? Bloomberg reported a 1st quarter loss worse than the expectations made by analysts. This is one bank which the UK government really made a mistake with. I really feel for the employees at the bank and hope they are better things to come for them in the future.

Making connections, Hub Westminster, London Coffee Festival

Today I was introduced to Natalia from Iam Adventures Blog, it was really good getting her information and knowledge. Hopefully I can help her out in the near future.

Went to meet up a friend in Hub Westminster for lunch. First time in the space, it was clean, less busy and relaxed compared to Google Campus. It was interesting listening to what my friend was doing. If anyone has information on homeless in County Durham please ping me 🙂

This was followed by London Coffee Festival in Shoreditch, helping out a friend from Trezoro a Royalty App. It was interesting seeing the coffee business owners being mainly Australian/New Zealand. An amazing experience being able to taste the different coffee and see the variety of coffees available. There were juice makers at the event as well, and it was very interesting to find some of the juice makers had coffee shops and grocers as side businesses. Quite a few business I talked to were interestingly from the Notting Hill area.

Overall a busy day, with unfortunately minimal progress on the property site.