Whats happening with UK Immigration? UK property bubble?

UK News:

Welcome to Britain thanks for the hard work now get lost reports Bloomberg. This was an interesting article of a mixed Japanese/Australian family giving up hopes on the immigration system in the UK and deciding to go back to Japan. Whats interesting is what would have happened if the Japanese wife in the article had given up her Japanese citizenship in return for an Australian citizenship (as Japanese citizen is not allowed dual nationality and Australia is a part of the commonwealth). If there are any Immigration lawyers reading the article I would be interested in your input.
On the other hand, would be interested in the breakdown of how many of the 123,000 EU immigrants and 143,000 non EU immigrants are in Financial jobs or Entrepreneurial jobs.
The other stat which would be interesting to see is how many of those are High-Net-Worth-Individual (HNWI) and how many of those HNWI have had to leave the UK.
This leads onto the next topic which is Average UK house price hits record high above £190k as annual property inflation picks up again reported in This is Money. Homeownership in the UK has gone down since 2007, so who are the buyers who are increasing the demand in the market if ownership has gone down? Wonder what percentage of HNWI from outside the UK has property in the UK and the break down of the number of property they have.

My question: “Is the UK Property Bubble going to burst after the elections?”


Brainstormed through names for the business we are in the process of creating. Thinking of using a foreign word in at least one of the words to make the name a bit more unique.
Met up with a fellow startup tribe member at Taylor St Baristas and chatted about his idea and my idea. It was the first time at the cafe. It was pretty good. I don’t think the beans for my Americano were Central American, felt more South American.
Evening Wednesday meet up with the Startup Tribe. It was really good to see everyone’s idea coming together and a few products in the pipeline of being manufactured. We had a special guest Emma Jones. Really interesting experiences and perspective, really like the disclaimer she said at the middle of the talk saying she was providing her opinion which may differ from others due to experiences. There isn’t one right answer to being a successful entrepreneur after all.

UK housing Crisis, Lesson of the day

UK News:

Guardian has reported UK housing crisis is in breach of UN human rights. The next party in charge will really need to put their focus on the current housing issue. The upwards movement in term of cost has to be offset by higher pay/higher benefits or a regulation in the housing market to stop the cost of housing from spiralling. From the looks of things a regulation might be easier to incorporate by the government. The downside is a third of MPs are landowners so if a regulation to cap the cost of housing from spiralling could be shooting oneself in the foot. It will be a challenging decision which ever way.


Talked to a family friend, whose a professor at Cambridge. He used to be in Banking prior to setting up a business, then decided education was more his paths. It was good to get an insight of his past experiences and being told what I should consider in my new ventures.
Helped to setup a journalist friend’s development website on WordPress. Kualo has good instructions to follow to manipulate the host file so the domain name is linked to an IP before going to the internet to look it up.
Will be catching up with my lifestyle course team this evening online. It will be nice to unwind as the past few days with the Startup tribe and business generation has been pretty busy.

Lesson of the day: Focus and learn but its important to relax.

Stamp Duty, Trezoro Royalty

News from the UK:

The news of Labour party scrapping first time buyer stamp duty for property less than 300,000 gbp is interesting, BBC has a bullet point list of the pledges for housing by the parties. Wondering if a cap increase on price of properties (say around triple/quadruple the inflation rate) which were bought off plan and re-sold (flipped) within 2 or 3 years by investors after the property’s completion, could protect property prices from getting inflated. The market is to do with supply and demand but maybe the market needs a cap/stability for first time buyers instead of first time buyer schemes which effectively helps leverage first time buyers to buy from investors determining the price. Investors would dislike this idea but they will still make some profit on increase in price due to demand and first time buyers will get better value for their hard earned cash.

My free coffee day:

Met up with a friend in the afternoon. Tried Trezoro a royalty program at Full stop in Shoreditch and by signing up, I got a free coffee.

In the evening went through the business idea and specifications with my co-founder. We think we are ready to start to code on Saturday.

London Marathon, Moments of Genius

London Marathon:

Today was the big day when London shuts down for runners to challenge themselves to run 42.195 km’s. I love the event and I want to run it in the next 3 years. I watched, clapped and cheered runners pass by at the 10miles mark. One thing I realised was, compared to the previous year less Asians (especially elite runners) were running the race. It could be that they had gone for Dusseldorf or Hamburg Marathon instead of London. A friend who had his large intestines removed last year was running and I was really happy when I was able to spot him in the crowd of runners and cheer him on. He did amazingly and finished under 5 hours 🙂

Catch up:

In the afternoon had a catch up with a former uni mate who works at Moixa Technology, I was asking if they had USB Cells to send to Nepal but they aren’t any in stock. After catching up with my uni mate I headed to my 2nd Piano lesson.

Moments of Genius:

I caught up with my co-founder for around 20 minutes after dinner and we were able to get more things done in the 20 minutes compared to the whole day we were together yesterday. There are times of moments of genius and with enough of these I think businesses can survive.

Learning from experiences, State of Mind

Learning from Experiences:

For Today, the co-Founder and I had planned on generating and spec-ing out what we were going to create for our business. This effectively meant creating a road map and specifying the contents of the application. But earlier on in the week, we had experienced bad news causing us to lose focus. This meant today was unfortunately going to be one of those days where we faced a big wall and there was no way in getting over or through it.

Our lesson for the day was:

Realising the importance of being in the right state of mind and environment, when creating a business.

Therefore instead of trying to keep banging our heads in regards to the idea, we decided to go to Partridge’s Food Market (near Sloan Square) for lunch and take a walk around Battersea Park, discussing about our state of mind and what was bothering us privately, instead of thinking about the business.

As its an early stage to our business generation, we are going to see if helping each other privately works. Hopefully we can learn from the experience of getting bad news/ rejection and next time steam through.

Campus, Where’s Shaun? Property Tenancy exploitation

Half a day at Google Campus creating a road map of the business idea, collecting data and asking friends about how to improve the blog.

Had good feedback about adding more media on the blog and explaining about the contents.

Instead of Where’s Wally, Londoners or visitors to London can do a Where’s Shaun. Wallace and Gromit Charity have a spring event with 50 Shaun’s scattered around the City.

News for Today:

BBC Panorama Housing Benefit Scandal. This is an interesting and worrying programme about the current state of the property market for people on social benefits. Exploitation of tenants is the keyword which can be thought of in this article.

Relaxing day

After 5 days of courses and trials, I decided to take today easy.

Had a really good kick start to the day with marmalade which I bought from Bread and Pig with toast and Lady grey Tea. Nice and refreshing.

Met up with a neighbour and finally found out he’s Westie dog is called Barney. He’s 15 and really adorable.

A visit to Borough Market to pick up veggies from Paul Wheeler, where I discovered the lady serving me for the last few months used to live in the block of apartments where Im living at the moment. She told me how the area was back over 20 years ago. Really fascinating to hear about how the area has changed so much.

Cumberland Sausages from Rhug Estate (they sell really good spicy chicken wings). Mango, Oranges from Jock Stark.

Decided Coffee for this week would be Finca de Cuchi Gonzalez from Bolivia from Monmouth Coffee. Found out the big roasting machine is down at the moment and it will take time to get it back up and going. They have a 3rd smaller machine now but the roasters are roasting for longer than usual as the volume they can get through has been capped. Found out there was a Japanese girl who is working at the shop. I might be able to get advise in regards to my coffee next week.

In the evening went through with the co founder our business idea and how we should lay it out for the big ideas session on Saturday.

Overall a relaxing day of much needed rest.


Startup Tribe Farm outing and News

Farm Outing:

Tonight the Startup Tribe went for a farm outing! It was really good fun in the lovely countryside talking about our experiences in front of a bonfire in the beautiful sky with shining stars, 45minutes outside from London Bridge. Amazing food and company made a perfect night I haven’t had since travelling around South America.

Check out Bread and Pig for the early starters to the Startup Tribe.

News for today:

Project Fi, Google launching its own mobile network in the US by Tech Crunch. Lets see if there is anything coming out from Facebook in the near future especially when Facebook messenger is now taking 10% of VOIP calls.

Akira Morikawa, ex-CEO of Line’s next project is C Channel. The question of the CEO apres Line was always a question and Techinasia has been able to find the answer.

News: Small is Beautiful, Scapegoat? Atlas Mara

News for today:

Why small is the new big thing in housing by the BBC. This reminded me of the book Small is beautiful by E. F. Schumacher on sustainable development. Projects by firms like Pocket Living who have been crowd funding in the UK could be interesting in the next decade.

The other is of British Trader being arrested. His firm Nav Sarao Futures caused a flash crash in 2010 and making $40 mio whilst causing the Dow Jones Industrial Average to crash by 1000 points at one point reported in City AM. As reported by Zero Hedge can 1 person really crash the whole market or is he being used as a scapegoat? There are lots of algos and HFT out there, can 1 person be held responsible? Does QE by the central banks really help the economy? These are interesting questions and we will see what kind of regulations will be coming in the future.

Lastly there has been reports of issues with Atlas Mara failing to disclose information by Afkinsider. Investment into Africa is a hot topic and regulations on tax havens like British Virgin Islands could become more interesting in the near future.

News for today: Mobilegeddon, Heal

News for today:

Mobilegeddon, Google overhauling the search engine algorithm to favour mobile friendly site by the Financial Times. The whole impact will be very interesting to see, especially as eBay were affected very badly the last time the algorithm changed. If anyone reading this site are affected by the change I would be interested in your opinions.

Heal, Ubering Doctors to your door, an article in TechCrunch will be an interesting concept especially with how they deal with liabilities if there are issues in the future. Have any of the readers used Heal, Pager or Medicast? How was the experience?