Startup Tribe Farm outing and News

Farm Outing:

Tonight the Startup Tribe went for a farm outing! It was really good fun in the lovely countryside talking about our experiences in front of a bonfire in the beautiful sky with shining stars, 45minutes outside from London Bridge. Amazing food and company made a perfect night I haven’t had since travelling around South America.

Check out Bread and Pig for the early starters to the Startup Tribe.

News for today:

Project Fi, Google launching its own mobile network in the US by Tech Crunch. Lets see if there is anything coming out from Facebook in the near future especially when Facebook messenger is now taking 10% of VOIP calls.

Akira Morikawa, ex-CEO of Line’s next project is C Channel. The question of the CEO apres Line was always a question and Techinasia has been able to find the answer.

Pages Updated on Travelling & Food!

I’ve update the following travelling & food pages!

Ecuador. More information on things to do and reviews of the accommodations where I stayed have been written.

United Kingdom. Created this page on restaurants to go out to in London, sections are divided into Japanese, Chinese/Dim Sum and London Restaurants.

Peru. Information on the budget and where I stayed have been written. Will be writing things to do and reviews of the accommodation soon.

For the travellers and foodies, I hope you can enjoy that section of this website.

Property Trial Day 2

Day 2 of my trial at a local estate agent. I received emails from a three potential tenants who were interested in apartments from the emails I had sent on day 1. These emails were mixed in with emails from ex-potential tenants asking to be removed from the emailing list as they had already found a place to live or were now living in places like Yorkshire.

Computer space was not available but as I had brought in my laptop, one of the agents suggested that I look at the new site which was coming out in the near future. I listed a few of things from a clients point of view:

1.    The home page should have a quick search, a button which lists all the properties available for rent, a button which lists all the properties available for sale, a button to explain how property is managed by the firm.

2. As some of the pages like About Us and Letting Services, repeated itself told the agent to keep it simple with minimum wording, most people who are renting or buying are interested in the property rather than explanation of the company.

3. Make sure when no records are given it doesn’t go to the home page with the comments in red saying “There were no properties matching your criteria”, instead it should be going to a page with a filter showing all the records with the comment in green, so clients could look at other properties which are currently available.

After lunch I got to insert a record of a property, landlord and tenant information from a property which had been managed by a different agent until very recently. Veco responded ok today and didn’t crash, which I was happy about. One of the agents will be checking my work and I hope I will be told tomorrow if the information I had inserted was ok or not.

In the late afternoon there was a little argument between a sales staff and the manager of the office. The argument only lasted for 3 minutes but the after taste lasted for over 2 hours. Think there are more efficient ways than arguments, but then its healthy that they can speak openly to each other.

News: Small is Beautiful, Scapegoat? Atlas Mara

News for today:

Why small is the new big thing in housing by the BBC. This reminded me of the book Small is beautiful by E. F. Schumacher on sustainable development. Projects by firms like Pocket Living who have been crowd funding in the UK could be interesting in the next decade.

The other is of British Trader being arrested. His firm Nav Sarao Futures caused a flash crash in 2010 and making $40 mio whilst causing the Dow Jones Industrial Average to crash by 1000 points at one point reported in City AM. As reported by Zero Hedge can 1 person really crash the whole market or is he being used as a scapegoat? There are lots of algos and HFT out there, can 1 person be held responsible? Does QE by the central banks really help the economy? These are interesting questions and we will see what kind of regulations will be coming in the future.

Lastly there has been reports of issues with Atlas Mara failing to disclose information by Afkinsider. Investment into Africa is a hot topic and regulations on tax havens like British Virgin Islands could become more interesting in the near future.

Property Trial Day 1

Since moving back to London, I’ve wanted to find out how the real estate market worked in London. So, in March, I cold called a local estate agent to see if there was a role available, the person at the end of the phone asked me to send my CV and after I sent an email with my CV, I was asked to come in for an interview. There wasn’t a role available for someone with my background but as I wanted to try out the industry, the agent was nice enough to provide me with a trial period to see how I would fit into the working environment. Today was my first day of the trial.

It was a fun and interesting experience. The team were nice and helpful, even though they are fighting for commission to make more than the average wage in London, but the influence of the owner who came from a different industry, might be giving the team a more down to earth atmosphere and a workplace where people can feel comfortable.

The team used Veco Eurolink. I got to try out the application and felt it was worse than the application I used to work on whilst I was in banking. It could be the setup in that certain office but as its a vendor system, the vendor could do a bit more to make sure the system works more efficiently for the clients. Tenant referencing is done by Rent4sure but I was only able to focus my time on getting a network issue on one of the computers resolved and helping the Letting team out by emailing prospective tenants via Veco through outlook.

News for today: Mobilegeddon, Heal

News for today:

Mobilegeddon, Google overhauling the search engine algorithm to favour mobile friendly site by the Financial Times. The whole impact will be very interesting to see, especially as eBay were affected very badly the last time the algorithm changed. If anyone reading this site are affected by the change I would be interested in your opinions.

Heal, Ubering Doctors to your door, an article in TechCrunch will be an interesting concept especially with how they deal with liabilities if there are issues in the future. Have any of the readers used Heal, Pager or Medicast? How was the experience?

Startup Tribe Weekend 2

Relaxing Sunday session. Talked about the legals and the processes we could use to startup a business, RF has a great page on Equity Basics on Vesting, Cliffs, Exits etc have a read!

If your using blog to create value these are the 3 ways are:

  1. Lead with Value,
  2. Request Permission,
  3. Keep giving Value to customers.

Overall less focussed session in a different group. We have things which we need to do for next week. Mine is a UX card prototype 🙂

On the other hand worrying news from the rental prices in London. Spiralling Rental Cost are hampering startup growth from Tech City, have a read and if your affected by this I would be interested in your opinion.

The other interesting article is “Visa scheme struggles to attract overseas tech specialists to UK” by Techworld. Exceptional Talent is important to keep the economy going and overseas tech specialists help innovation and create new projects but I also feel companies in the UK do not take enough risk to create those exceptional talents with people who are already working in the country. This is from looking at my fellow graduates from Imperial, and seeing friends from Oxbridge and other Russell Group Institutions not being given enough chance or training to prove their talent.

Startup Tribe Weekend

Day 1 of the startup tribe weekend.

There was an idea which was similar to mine in regards to property at the startup tribe. Should I be worried? From my point of view, not really as the UX, the algorithm solutions, and specifications are going to be different to mine.

It was a fun day with RF giving the talk and lots of group sessions to help each other generate ideas not specifically into our own projects.

Cheekily using the wifi whilst everyone is drinking cause my wifi at home is unreliable.

Breakfast, Asking, Helping friends, Borough Market

This morning I went to meet SW at her flat in Chelsea. SW is leaving on an adventure to Central America on Monday. Really excited for her! I pretty much went to help her finish her food in the fridge.

An omelette with crumpets was served for breakfast, with Earl Grey tea. During breakfast I asked her for a UK plug adapter for my Mac Book Pro as I was using an US/Japanese plug adapter and using a massive Skross adapter to change it to for the UK socket. She had a spare and it made me save roughly 5.99 gbp. She was talking about getting a plumber in to improve her bathroom tap when she was back in London. To this I asked her if I could use her flat as a space to work as the internet speed is pretty good and in exchange I offered to be around when a plumber was going to come to the flat, meaning the taps could be fixed she was back in London. To this she agreed meaning I have a lovely quiet working space for myself. The power of asking is really amazing and how people can create a win-win situation when the timing and the opportunity is right.

After breakfast SW had to dash off to meet a friend for Lunch but I stuck around til 4pm to update my site for the accommodations I stayed in Ecuador and Bolivia. Whilst writing I remember in South America a lot is to do with Asking, Supply and Demand, timing and opportunity. For example the hostels where I got the best prices/were able to lower the prices were due to the receptionist/owner agreeing on the price which I was able to offer for the bed/room.

As I left the flat, i took the rubbish SW had in her flat in the bins in the basement and headed towards Borough market to get my grocery in preparation for the busy weekend with the Startup Tribe.

At Borough Market, got my veggies at Paul Wheeler’s as usual, the chaps at the stall are really nice to me and i feel like a royal customer nowadays. If Im treating myself I usually get the Cannele de Bordeaux from Comptoir Gourmand but as I have had to recently cut my budget I’ve not been able to enjoy the treats for a few weeks, but I was desperate to get some to go with my coffee from Monmouth, I asked them if it was possible to get a good offer for 5. As it was near the end of the day the girl at the stall kindly gave them at a good discount for me to enjoy over this weekend.

The lesson for today was ask and you might be unexpectedly surprised by the positive answer which you get. Overall a great day of surprises and people willing to help me.

Yoga, Running the Sahara, Book Review, WordPress, New Flat

I hadn’t done Yoga for around 10 days and felt my body tightening up, so this morning decided to do up to the seated sequence of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. I felt the blood starting to flow and felt so much more relaxed. Fantastic start to the morning.

After a quick chat with ST from and realising it was a day off from helping out the Hotel, talked to UM who had recently run the Marathon Des Sables, a gruelling 250km run in the middle of the Sahara Desert! It was very inspiring chatting to her and watching the video clips on her blog.

I personally want to compete in the MDS in the next 2 years. The longest I have done is the Royal Parks Ultra, so I have a bit more training to do.

A friend of mine is currently writing a book about a really exciting topic. I’ve been giving her my opinion on where I would change the wording and on where to describe a bit more on the subject or objects which is being written, so its easier to imagine the scene when its being read. Im really looking forward to the book being published and when its released, I will write the title of the book on the blog, so everyone can have a read and give their opinions 😉

This afternoon I hit Google Campus with the writers of claudiadelpero and designblg to bainstorm how our sites could be improved. Im not going to give anything away BUT you will see the changes on the sites in the near future!

I met up with the new landlords of the property I will be staying in from the start of May at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. Prior to meeting the landlords I spent an hour in the reception/cafe area where you can use the wi-fi and churn out some good ideas whilst being served by a waiter. If your about in Shoreditch and want to relax and brainstorm ideas, I can recommend the spot.

Off to sleep now as Im meeting a friend tomorrow morning for breakfast. She’s off on a long adventure to Central America. Really jealous but I can’t wait to hear her stories when I meet up with her next!