Property Trial Day 1

Since moving back to London, I’ve wanted to find out how the real estate market worked in London. So, in March, I cold called a local estate agent to see if there was a role available, the person at the end of the phone asked me to send my CV and after I sent an email with my CV, I was asked to come in for an interview. There wasn’t a role available for someone with my background but as I wanted to try out the industry, the agent was nice enough to provide me with a trial period to see how I would fit into the working environment. Today was my first day of the trial.

It was a fun and interesting experience. The team were nice and helpful, even though they are fighting for commission to make more than the average wage in London, but the influence of the owner who came from a different industry, might be giving the team a more down to earth atmosphere and a workplace where people can feel comfortable.

The team used Veco Eurolink. I got to try out the application and felt it was worse than the application I used to work on whilst I was in banking. It could be the setup in that certain office but as its a vendor system, the vendor could do a bit more to make sure the system works more efficiently for the clients. Tenant referencing is done by Rent4sure but I was only able to focus my time on getting a network issue on one of the computers resolved and helping the Letting team out by emailing prospective tenants via Veco through outlook.

Article Name
Property Trial Day 1
Day 1 of being in the property business. Interesting news for the day.

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