Property Trial Day 2

Day 2 of my trial at a local estate agent. I received emails from a three potential tenants who were interested in apartments from the emails I had sent on day 1. These emails were mixed in with emails from ex-potential tenants asking to be removed from the emailing list as they had already found a place to live or were now living in places like Yorkshire.

Computer space was not available but as I had brought in my laptop, one of the agents suggested that I look at the new site which was coming out in the near future. I listed a few of things from a clients point of view:

1.    The home page should have a quick search, a button which lists all the properties available for rent, a button which lists all the properties available for sale, a button to explain how property is managed by the firm.

2. As some of the pages like About Us and Letting Services, repeated itself told the agent to keep it simple with minimum wording, most people who are renting or buying are interested in the property rather than explanation of the company.

3. Make sure when no records are given it doesn’t go to the home page with the comments in red saying “There were no properties matching your criteria”, instead it should be going to a page with a filter showing all the records with the comment in green, so clients could look at other properties which are currently available.

After lunch I got to insert a record of a property, landlord and tenant information from a property which had been managed by a different agent until very recently. Veco responded ok today and didn’t crash, which I was happy about. One of the agents will be checking my work and I hope I will be told tomorrow if the information I had inserted was ok or not.

In the late afternoon there was a little argument between a sales staff and the manager of the office. The argument only lasted for 3 minutes but the after taste lasted for over 2 hours. Think there are more efficient ways than arguments, but then its healthy that they can speak openly to each other.

News: Small is Beautiful, Scapegoat? Atlas Mara

News for today:

Why small is the new big thing in housing by the BBC. This reminded me of the book Small is beautiful by E. F. Schumacher on sustainable development. Projects by firms like Pocket Living who have been crowd funding in the UK could be interesting in the next decade.

The other is of British Trader being arrested. His firm Nav Sarao Futures caused a flash crash in 2010 and making $40 mio whilst causing the Dow Jones Industrial Average to crash by 1000 points at one point reported in City AM. As reported by Zero Hedge can 1 person really crash the whole market or is he being used as a scapegoat? There are lots of algos and HFT out there, can 1 person be held responsible? Does QE by the central banks really help the economy? These are interesting questions and we will see what kind of regulations will be coming in the future.

Lastly there has been reports of issues with Atlas Mara failing to disclose information by Afkinsider. Investment into Africa is a hot topic and regulations on tax havens like British Virgin Islands could become more interesting in the near future.