Startup Tribe Weekend 2

Relaxing Sunday session. Talked about the legals and the processes we could use to startup a business, RF has a great page on Equity Basics on Vesting, Cliffs, Exits etc have a read!

If your using blog to create value these are the 3 ways are:

  1. Lead with Value,
  2. Request Permission,
  3. Keep giving Value to customers.

Overall less focussed session in a different group. We have things which we need to do for next week. Mine is a UX card prototype 🙂

On the other hand worrying news from the rental prices in London. Spiralling Rental Cost are hampering startup growth from Tech City, have a read and if your affected by this I would be interested in your opinion.

The other interesting article is “Visa scheme struggles to attract overseas tech specialists to UK” by Techworld. Exceptional Talent is important to keep the economy going and overseas tech specialists help innovation and create new projects but I also feel companies in the UK do not take enough risk to create those exceptional talents with people who are already working in the country. This is from looking at my fellow graduates from Imperial, and seeing friends from Oxbridge and other Russell Group Institutions not being given enough chance or training to prove their talent.