What GDP doesnt tell us.. UK Housing Crisis? RBS :(

New Economics has written an article about What GDP does not tell us. It talks about the further unbalancing in the economy. How households are returning back into debt and how the economy is back in pre 2008 path. 12.3% of the GDP figure was household rent and “imputed rent” greater than any other G7 countries. If people are feeling at unease with the economy this might be because the indicator to a good economy, the GDP, is like the Black-Scholes model, and simply the wrong indicator to use to measure the economy.

There is an article in the Huffington Post about politicians not understanding the housing crisis, and the need to stop rolling out hundreds of “piecemeal schemes” that prop up a broken system. The panelists who discussed about the housing crisis had Richard Lambert, CEO National Landlords Association and David Orr, CEO of the National Housing Federation in the round table. The were further comments in the article made by David Lammy, London Mayor Candidate. It was a really interesting read and we were so intrigued we sent email/messages to the three people mentioned in the article in regards to spare room tenancy. If they are happy with having the comments on the this blog we will put it up but we are really interested in the opinion.

Lastly, can things ever go right at RBS? Bloomberg reported a 1st quarter loss worse than the expectations made by analysts. This is one bank which the UK government really made a mistake with. I really feel for the employees at the bank and hope they are better things to come for them in the future.

Making connections, Hub Westminster, London Coffee Festival

Today I was introduced to Natalia from Iam Adventures Blog, it was really good getting her information and knowledge. Hopefully I can help her out in the near future.

Went to meet up a friend in Hub Westminster for lunch. First time in the space, it was clean, less busy and relaxed compared to Google Campus. It was interesting listening to what my friend was doing. If anyone has information on homeless in County Durham please ping me 🙂

This was followed by London Coffee Festival in Shoreditch, helping out a friend from Trezoro a Royalty App. It was interesting seeing the coffee business owners being mainly Australian/New Zealand. An amazing experience being able to taste the different coffee and see the variety of coffees available. There were juice makers at the event as well, and it was very interesting to find some of the juice makers had coffee shops and grocers as side businesses. Quite a few business I talked to were interestingly from the Notting Hill area.

Overall a busy day, with unfortunately minimal progress on the property site.


Nepal News, Lifeline: Electricity , Overseas aid

News for Today:

Nepal Death toll could rise to 10,000 reports the Huffington Post. Heavy rain is not helping with the rescue and recovery process.
IHS a US Consultancy group has predicted the reconstruction cost could be as high as $5bio exceeding 20% of GDP as reported in IBT. The reconstruction is where international aid will be required and we would be grateful if readers could donate a few bucks to charity, more the merrier.

Lifeline: Electricity

Reports from the ground have messaged saying electricity has been back for today.
Background in regards to power in Nepal. Due to the common nature of power shortages in Nepal, quite a few houses are equipped with solar panels which connect to an inverter battery. Once the battery is charged, it can distribute electricity, but some houses have big batteries meaning solar power is not enough to fully charge the battery and electricity is required. What this means is if electricity is not present it takes a long time for batteries to recharge. From my understanding the batteries and solar panels may not have a smart, charge/discharge system, so power can not be used whilst the battery is being charged. My business partner’s batteries lasted three days meaning they have been very lucky to get electricity back for now.

Help from overseas:

Rumours are that there could be a movement by the Voluntary Architects’ Network lead by Shigeru Ban to establishing a medical center using membrane materials in Nepal. Most likely a smaller scale project compared to the paper tube structure of a Cardboard Cathedral in Christchurch after the quake in 2011 in New Zealand.