Campus, Where’s Shaun? Property Tenancy exploitation

Half a day at Google Campus creating a road map of the business idea, collecting data and asking friends about how to improve the blog.

Had good feedback about adding more media on the blog and explaining about the contents.

Instead of Where’s Wally, Londoners or visitors to London can do a Where’s Shaun. Wallace and Gromit Charity have a spring event with 50 Shaun’s scattered around the City.

News for Today:

BBC Panorama Housing Benefit Scandal. This is an interesting and worrying programme about the current state of the property market for people on social benefits. Exploitation of tenants is the keyword which can be thought of in this article.

Redundancy, Google Campus, Ballet Dancer to WordPress expert.

This morning caught up with MD @ Shutterburg in Shoreditch for Breakfast. The layout of Shutterburg is like a bar with a 90s feel. Shutterburg served good blueberry pancakes at an affordable price, their coffee was ok, I prefer Monmouth coffee from Central America which tend to be nutty. Had a good chat with MD on my projects and about redundancy packages.

UK Redundancy packages:

  1. Company/HR to tell the employee of what people normally get and if the package is above that offer.
  2. 1 Year work = 1 month payout is whats mostly offered in Financial companies.
  3. Some companies provide support like courses at Penna.

After Breakfast went over to Google Campus to make use of the wi-fi and work on this blog/ site. Around 12.30 whilst at Campus got peckish and had my packed lunch sandwich (after leaving banking, I have been really economising, taking less public transport and making my own food).

At 2pm, headed over to Urban Tea Room on Kingly Street near Carnaby Street to meet up with a professional Ballet Dancer friend SK. We talked about how she could gain more presence online with her own website and she’s going to start learning WordPress soon! Hope she can enjoy learning the CMS as much as I have.