Last Day of Trial in Property

Today was my last day of my trial at the local estate agent. Very quiet day with nothing for me to do. Picked up a couple of calls, 1 from an advertiser for a senior letting agent and 1 from another agent looking for a property calling the sales manager. The owner of the estate agent bought lunch for the team. As I had to leave early to join the Startup Tribe, talked to the owner on my analysis of the agency and left.

The analysis I gave the owner of my three day trial was:

  1. Make sure the team were eating healthily as they keep snacking all the time on crisps, biscuits, ice cream and this will in the long run cause health issues.
  2. Don’t release the new website as its “too wordy” and hasn’t been created to function for the prospective tenants, buyers, landlords, sellers.
  3. Make sure the team prioritises and calculates times for showings. Felt that the agents were slow compared to how quick they potentially could have been.
  4. Make sure templates for emails via Veco are setup so there is less manual labour correcting sentences before sending emails to clients.

The reply from the owner was that I wasn’t suited for a sales or letting role and I was more suited to a Business Analyst role. I have a feeling, instead of giving points of improvement, if I had told the owner that I got a massive kick from talking to clients about a property or how the portfolio of properties the agency had were awesome, I might have been more suited to a sales role. Its communication and understanding between people. The fact that I wasn’t able to do a flat viewing for potential tenants or sellers was a shame, because I would have been able to get more of the feel for how agents felt.

Overall no regrets about the experience and I think I was able to learn a lot from the team and Im truly grateful for having the chance to experience the working life of an estate agent.