Nepal Lifeline: Food. How Does Natural Disaster Affect the Currency?

Lifeline: Food

World Food Programme plans to provide food for 1.4 million people in urgent need of assistance over the next three months at a cost of US$116.5 million as reported on their site.

Eight million dollars is urgently needed to help disaster-struck Nepalese farmers rapidly recover lost agricultural inputs and resume preparations for the imminent rice sowing season, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has written.

Delivery of food is a major lifeline for the people of Nepal to survive in the short run, and sustainability of agriculture/farming will help the people to survive in the long run.

For those farmers who have lost their livestocks, we wonder how the livestocks will be delivered to them as logistics has been an issue and from which country the animals could come from (most likely neighbours India).

Rice and channa daal have been distributed near New Road by the International Red Cross as seen below in the pictures (from two days ago). We have heard shops and restaurants have started to open in the capital, Kathmandu.

Quick Information in regards to Nepalese Diets:
Dal Bhat Tarkari (Dal – Lentils, Bhat – Rice/Grains, Tarkari – Vegetable Curry) is a popular dish served in the country.
Within each region due to the difference in ethnicity foods are different.
Foods are Asian themes with Tibetan, Indian, Thai origins.

How Does Natural Disaster Affect Currency?

The Econintersect has an interesting article in regards to how Natural Disasters affect the Currency. For the Nepalese Rupee, its currently pegged against the Indian Rupee so a similar scenario to the yen after the Tohoku Earthquake is probably not expected.

How Does Aid Agencies Convert their donations into Local Currency?

Charity Finance Group have an interesting article from Ebury about Best Foreign Exchange practice for Charities and NGO. If anyone has more information I would be interested in getting the information. Are the spread provided by the big FX traders like Citi and Deutsche better for charities and NGOs, do the World Bank or IMF have deposits in different currencies which can be used when there is a natural disaster?

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Nepal Lifeline? Water, Fundraising for Nepal

News for Today:

After Quake, Nepal faces Water and Health Crisis reports Newsweek.
Water is one of the most important thing needed to survive for life. The water source in Kathmandu has not been damaged but the infrastructure/pipping to carry the supply has been damaged. This has led the locals to rely on tankers of water led by the army and most likely brought in from their neighbours in India.

Insight from a Nepalese friend:
Some lucky houses in Kathmandu have wells and with the use of machinery water can be pulled up from the well to a water tank. This water is used in the bathrooms. The water from the wells are usually a bit yellowish and are not used for drinking or cooking.

The water which the government provides through the pipping and taps is collected in a different tank, this is usually boiled and filtered prior to drinking or cooking purposes.

Making sure water is supplied to the survivors should be the highest priority and we hope aid agencies are looking for alternatives to making sure water can be supplied from the water source.

Overseas Aid:

Japan has decided to provide 800 mio USD in emergency fund to Nepal as written by the Embassy of Nepal in the UK.

Fundraising by Companies:

Markit in Singapore are setting up a fund for donations to Nepal.

BNP Paribas worldwide are raising funds via the Rescue and Recover fund which will match every employee’s contribution.

Helping Nepal Embassy in the UK:

Update as of 30th April:
They weren’t the best to talk to in letting us know what they needed in terms of volunteers and organising fundraisers. They did take our number and told us they could call back if they needed volunteers. Will wait and see on wether they call back or not.

29th April
In the morning we called the Nepal Embassy in the UK Disaster Relief inquiry/donation helpline on 020 7043 7497 and asked them if there were any fundraisers in the pipeline to raise donations. We were told at this present moment in time they were not organising one.
Asked them about volunteers and they sounded like they were looking for more volunteers to help the team out during the week.
We will be calling them tomorrow to confirm: 1) in regards to organising a fundraiser and 2) the volunteering opportunity in the Disaster Relief team/ Embassy. If any of the readers are interested please call them direct to get more information.
On the other hand we will try and do our best to update the information after speaking to them tomorrow.

PS If anyone has spare stationary which are in decent condition, the person in the Disaster Relief team sounded like they needed supplies. After confirming with them on the 020 number, please could you send them over to the Embassy. Thank you