Whats happening with UK Immigration? UK property bubble?

UK News:

Welcome to Britain thanks for the hard work now get lost reports Bloomberg. This was an interesting article of a mixed Japanese/Australian family giving up hopes on the immigration system in the UK and deciding to go back to Japan. Whats interesting is what would have happened if the Japanese wife in the article had given up her Japanese citizenship in return for an Australian citizenship (as Japanese citizen is not allowed dual nationality and Australia is a part of the commonwealth). If there are any Immigration lawyers reading the article I would be interested in your input.
On the other hand, would be interested in the breakdown of how many of the 123,000 EU immigrants and 143,000 non EU immigrants are in Financial jobs or Entrepreneurial jobs.
The other stat which would be interesting to see is how many of those are High-Net-Worth-Individual (HNWI) and how many of those HNWI have had to leave the UK.
This leads onto the next topic which is Average UK house price hits record high above £190k as annual property inflation picks up again reported in This is Money. Homeownership in the UK has gone down since 2007, so who are the buyers who are increasing the demand in the market if ownership has gone down? Wonder what percentage of HNWI from outside the UK has property in the UK and the break down of the number of property they have.

My question: “Is the UK Property Bubble going to burst after the elections?”


Brainstormed through names for the business we are in the process of creating. Thinking of using a foreign word in at least one of the words to make the name a bit more unique.
Met up with a fellow startup tribe member at Taylor St Baristas and chatted about his idea and my idea. It was the first time at the cafe. It was pretty good. I don’t think the beans for my Americano were Central American, felt more South American.
Evening Wednesday meet up with the Startup Tribe. It was really good to see everyone’s idea coming together and a few products in the pipeline of being manufactured. We had a special guest Emma Jones. Really interesting experiences and perspective, really like the disclaimer she said at the middle of the talk saying she was providing her opinion which may differ from others due to experiences. There isn’t one right answer to being a successful entrepreneur after all.