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I hadn’t done Yoga for around 10 days and felt my body tightening up, so this morning decided to do up to the seated sequence of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. I felt the blood starting to flow and felt so much more relaxed. Fantastic start to the morning.

After a quick chat with ST from and realising it was a day off from helping out the Hotel, talked to UM who had recently run the Marathon Des Sables, a gruelling 250km run in the middle of the Sahara Desert! It was very inspiring chatting to her and watching the video clips on her blog.

I personally want to compete in the MDS in the next 2 years. The longest I have done is the Royal Parks Ultra, so I have a bit more training to do.

A friend of mine is currently writing a book about a really exciting topic. I’ve been giving her my opinion on where I would change the wording and on where to describe a bit more on the subject or objects which is being written, so its easier to imagine the scene when its being read. Im really looking forward to the book being published and when its released, I will write the title of the book on the blog, so everyone can have a read and give their opinions 😉

This afternoon I hit Google Campus with the writers of claudiadelpero and designblg to bainstorm how our sites could be improved. Im not going to give anything away BUT you will see the changes on the sites in the near future!

I met up with the new landlords of the property I will be staying in from the start of May at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. Prior to meeting the landlords I spent an hour in the reception/cafe area where you can use the wi-fi and churn out some good ideas whilst being served by a waiter. If your about in Shoreditch and want to relax and brainstorm ideas, I can recommend the spot.

Off to sleep now as Im meeting a friend tomorrow morning for breakfast. She’s off on a long adventure to Central America. Really jealous but I can’t wait to hear her stories when I meet up with her next!