Startup Tribe Weekend

Day 1 of the startup tribe weekend.

There was an idea which was similar to mine in regards to property at the startup tribe. Should I be worried? From my point of view, not really as the UX, the algorithm solutions, and specifications are going to be different to mine.

It was a fun day with RF giving the talk and lots of group sessions to help each other generate ideas not specifically into our own projects.

Cheekily using the wifi whilst everyone is drinking cause my wifi at home is unreliable.

Canada Water Cafe, Ebay, Startup Tribe

Slow start to the day. Quick chat on Facebook with SM and ST at around 9am.

A accredited assessor of Energy Performance Certificate popped by the flat for the check at 9.30 am as the landlord is selling the flat.

After the assessment was done headed over to Canada Water Cafe to work on my site whilst waiting to hand over the Golf Putter I sold on ebay.

Stayed at the cafe for about 3 hours and handed over the Golf Putter and decided it was a good time to do some shopping before heading back to the flat for lunch. Popped by Sainsbury’s and the veggie/fruit stand outside the Canada Water Library. Chatted to one of the guys at the veggie/fruit stand and found he was an Afghan. As I had been to the talk the previous night by Tommy from Turqouise Mountain started to talk to him about the cause but probably due to his hard time in the past, he wasn’t ready to open up.

Had a late lunch at home and due to the fact I wasnt feeling well went for a nap.

Headed over to the Startup tribe at Escape for an interesting night of ideas and getting to know the team.

Overall a slow day but I still feel like I achieved a few things.