Conservatives have won the UK elections. What could this mean?

Conservatives won the UK elections on 8th May 2015. The UK Election 2015 results mapped with the regions being taken in each constituents can be seen on the Telegraph.

What does this mean?

UK Property are predicted to surge from International Investors according to the Evening Standard. For land owners and landlords this is welcoming news. For the first time buyers this is worrying news when the cost of a property isn’t affordable and people new to the property ladder will have to spend a multiple of over 5 times there wages, maybe even 10 times. For those renting to buy a property in the future, could this mean a roller-coaster ride or will the government help out and intervene?

There is one thing people need to be aware of in regards to the Conservatives re-election which is the Snoopers Charter. If the bill is passed it could increase the mass surveillance in the UK. As written by Play Top Secret could this be a start of George Orwell’s 1984?

The manifesto by the Conservatives had a pledge to increase the number of startups to 600,000 per year as written in the Guardian. The amount of startup loan could treble in the next few years and this will make the startup industry very exciting in the years to come.


UK Elections

Its going to be an interesting and exciting night, especially for those in the finance markets.

What are the likely hood of the Fixed Income, Equity and Forex markets going mad in the UK?

The YouGov and the Official Exit Polls are showing different results, which can cause confusion.

Labour is effective pro individuals, Conservatives is pro business.

Will Ed Miliband be able to run the UK or will David Cameron keep pursuing his economy reform?

Labour have kept Sunderland South. Will the result show a similar result as in YouGov of Labour catching up or will it be Conservative keeping hold of seats as shown in the Official Exit Polls.

Lets see if Lord Ashdown eats his hat or not 🙂