Update for Tomoliving.com and start of Tribe Lab

For Tomoliving.com we have written two blogs.

One is a brief market research on the London Property Market and Employee Statistics, the other is on where to find market research by Property Consultants.

We’ve used resources from the Business & IP Centre London at the British Library and this has been useful for our research. For Tomoliving.com the Construction & Property Industry Guide was a good start.

In the background we have have been doing value propositions and looking at customer profiles. By looking at the customer profiles, we will be able to put the customers into segments and look at their gains, pains and goals to find what kind of product and services each segment are looking for which will help in making our website more flexible to shifts in customer profiles.

As a side project we have started Tribe-lab.com. We have started this Social Network project for people in our network to share knowledge. Knowledge between friends is a big asset and we believe a platform to share knowledge without the information being lost in history would be useful for our friends around us. As a MVP we are going to use bbPress and BuddyPress. If we get enough traction we will look into coding the site.


Article Name
Update for Tomoliving.com and start of Tribe Lab
Update for Tomoliving.com and start of Tribe Lab

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