This morning I went to meet SW at her flat in Chelsea. SW is leaving on an adventure to Central America on Monday. Really excited for her! I pretty much went to help her finish her food in the fridge.

An omelette with crumpets was served for breakfast, with Earl Grey tea. During breakfast I asked her for a UK plug adapter for my Mac Book Pro as I was using an US/Japanese plug adapter and using a massive Skross adapter to change it to for the UK socket. She had a spare and it made me save roughly 5.99 gbp. She was talking about getting a plumber in to improve her bathroom tap when she was back in London. To this I asked her if I could use her flat as a space to work as the internet speed is pretty good and in exchange I offered to be around when a plumber was going to come to the flat, meaning the taps could be fixed she was back in London. To this she agreed meaning I have a lovely quiet working space for myself. The power of asking is really amazing and how people can create a win-win situation when the timing and the opportunity is right.

After breakfast SW had to dash off to meet a friend for Lunch but I stuck around til 4pm to update my site for the accommodations I stayed in Ecuador and Bolivia. Whilst writing I remember in South America a lot is to do with Asking, Supply and Demand, timing and opportunity. For example the hostels where I got the best prices/were able to lower the prices were due to the receptionist/owner agreeing on the price which I was able to offer for the bed/room.

As I left the flat, i took the rubbish SW had in her flat in the bins in the basement and headed towards Borough market to get my grocery in preparation for the busy weekend with the Startup Tribe.

At Borough Market, got my veggies at Paul Wheeler’s as usual, the chaps at the stall are really nice to me and i feel like a royal customer nowadays. If Im treating myself I usually get the Cannele de Bordeaux from Comptoir Gourmand but as I have had to recently cut my budget I’ve not been able to enjoy the treats for a few weeks, but I was desperate to get some to go with my coffee from Monmouth, I asked them if it was possible to get a good offer for 5. As it was near the end of the day the girl at the stall kindly gave them at a good discount for me to enjoy over this weekend.

The lesson for today was ask and you might be unexpectedly surprised by the positive answer which you get. Overall a great day of surprises and people willing to help me.