For those of you who are creating a website for your startup business and want to get a MVP (minimum viable product) out asap to see the demand for your idea. The following tools are hassle free and don’t require coding skills:

1. Squarespace

2. Strikingly

3. Wix

At Escape the City, Squarespace is referenced as an easy website builder to use.

This blog is created on WordPress, on a host (if you use WordPress on WordPress, editors, database and file manager options are limited so we would advise on using a host such as Kualo). Personally we like this option because it lies between a template website builder and offers flexibility of coding in php with reference to mySQL database. There is an option for users to create a section for a website using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP in their file manager in case they want to test the website out on mobiles or tablets, which is a real benefit for those who want to become website developers in the future.

Our current project on creating a website for property is being created on HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Apache and mySQL model.

Initially we tried to create it using the apps which were installed on the MAC. (Jason had a good and easy way to do the installation process on OS X Yosemite).

After playing around with the above option, we decided to go back onto MAMP. (We play around with our WordPress website on MAMP before it goes live). It requires a single fire up of Apache and mySQL database by the MAMP app it makes life easier compared to having separate Apache and mySQL frameworks.

FYI XAMPP is available for non MAC users