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Learning from Experiences:

For Today, the co-Founder and I had planned on generating and spec-ing out what we were going to create for our business. This effectively meant creating a road map and specifying the contents of the application. But earlier on in the week, we had experienced bad news causing us to lose focus. This meant today was unfortunately going to be one of those days where we faced a big wall and there was no way in getting over or through it.

Our lesson for the day was:

Realising the importance of being in the right state of mind and environment, when creating a business.

Therefore instead of trying to keep banging our heads in regards to the idea, we decided to go to Partridge’s Food Market (near Sloan Square) for lunch and take a walk around Battersea Park, discussing about our state of mind and what was bothering us privately, instead of thinking about the business.

As its an early stage to our business generation, we are going to see if helping each other privately works. Hopefully we can learn from the experience of getting bad news/ rejection and next time steam through.

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Learning from experiences
Learning from experiences

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