News for Today:

Earthquake in Nepal killing over 1000 people. Really sad to hear about a Natural disaster causing so many death again. My thoughts are with the people living in Nepal. Really hope the rest of the Earthquake’s are after shock and the earthquakes cease soon. I was in Tokyo during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and prior to the major earthquake, there were a few quakes which were quite big. Initially it could have been thought those quakes were the big one and those that happened later were the aftershocks, but actually it was a lead up to the big event.

My advice to those living in Nepal would be to keep safe, surround yourself with relatives and friends, make sure to get plenty of rest, eat and drink properly. After big earthquakes people can be affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but by having people close around you to you to speak to, it can have a calming down affect. Resting, eating and drinking will help with the anxiety and the body will be less tense.

The report from my business partner in Nepal (one of my project) is that her mother is ok, but the family are going to sleep outside as the next 48 hours is critical. The house is a mess (photo of the shelf being thrown onto the floor is attached below). No news on the status of the Hotel at this present moment in time.

Please donate by looking at the below website. From my knowledge housing insurance is not very common therefore a lot of people could have nowhere to return and no funding to rebuild there homes.

How to help Earthquake Victims in Nepal.

From an article on Reuters in 2013 please note the comment “The Nepalese insurance industry currently lacks sufficient professionals to operate at peak efficiency and effectiveness.” Rebuilding of infrastructure, facilities could take a long time if insurance payouts for those covered are ineffective.

For those of you at Google, there should be gift matching available soon. Unfortunately one of the execs was caught up in the Earthquake.



Nepal Earthquake