London Marathon:

Today was the big day when London shuts down for runners to challenge themselves to run 42.195 km’s. I love the event and I want to run it in the next 3 years. I watched, clapped and cheered runners pass by at the 10miles mark. One thing I realised was, compared to the previous year less Asians (especially elite runners) were running the race. It could be that they had gone for Dusseldorf or Hamburg Marathon instead of London. A friend who had his large intestines removed last year was running and I was really happy when I was able to spot him in the crowd of runners and cheer him on. He did amazingly and finished under 5 hours 🙂

Catch up:

In the afternoon had a catch up with a former uni mate who works at Moixa Technology, I was asking if they had USB Cells to send to Nepal but they aren’t any in stock. After catching up with my uni mate I headed to my 2nd Piano lesson.

Moments of Genius:

I caught up with my co-founder for around 20 minutes after dinner and we were able to get more things done in the 20 minutes compared to the whole day we were together yesterday. There are times of moments of genius and with enough of these I think businesses can survive.