UK housing Crisis, Lesson of the day

UK News:

Guardian has reported UK housing crisis is in breach of UN human rights. The next party in charge will really need to put their focus on the current housing issue. The upwards movement in term of cost has to be offset by higher pay/higher benefits or a regulation in the housing market to stop the cost of housing from spiralling. From the looks of things a regulation might be easier to incorporate by the government. The downside is a third of MPs are landowners so if a regulation to cap the cost of housing from spiralling could be shooting oneself in the foot. It will be a challenging decision which ever way.


Talked to a family friend, whose a professor at Cambridge. He used to be in Banking prior to setting up a business, then decided education was more his paths. It was good to get an insight of his past experiences and being told what I should consider in my new ventures.
Helped to setup a journalist friend’s development website on WordPress. Kualo has good instructions to follow to manipulate the host file so the domain name is linked to an IP before going to the internet to look it up.
Will be catching up with my lifestyle course team this evening online. It will be nice to unwind as the past few days with the Startup tribe and business generation has been pretty busy.

Lesson of the day: Focus and learn but its important to relax.

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