News for Today:

Nepal Earthquake. Tent cities are springing up for the displaced according to the BBC, with the aftershocks and the failing infrastructure, International Aid is going to be very much in need. It would be good for the International Aid Agencies to tell the media on the current status with a list of items which the people who have been affected are in need of, the severity of the demand of those items and how aid agencies have allocated their focus on the problems at hand.

Guessing, Aid Agencies would divide the demand into Water, Food, Shelter, Medical Supplies, Blankets/Sleeping bags, Clothes, Rescue Equipment/team. If they could have a pie chart or a bar chart of whats being focussed it would be helpful.

From my understanding getting shelter at the moment is hard and I hope companies such as Shelter Systems can step in to help the people of Nepal. An architect friend of mine has designed a primary design of an Earthquake Shelter (eg as below) after we discussed about the need for shelters in Nepal, the design and explanation can be found on Nepal Shelters on his site

Nepal Shelter

Nepal Shelter Design

I have donated to Oxfam but I don’t know where the money donated will be focussed onto. Hope its water and food.

The likeliness of landslides have gone up due to the earthquake and Earthquake without Frontiers, who recently had a meeting in Kathmandu, have a page on the subject with models on which locations are high risk.

The hotel as of last night had one guest who was missing whilst on a trek with a guide. Due to the telecommunication systems being down we were unable to to reach them. Gratefully and luckily we were able to find him and the guide later on in the day.

At the moment Im in discussion with my business partner to get more information from locals in Nepal. Im feeling media coverage is looking more at it from an International point of view rather than a local perspective.