Preparing for trips + Packing List

Preparing for the Adventure


Back packing

If your going on a budget back packing trip, dont forget the below items!


Osprey Far Point 70

This bag has helped me to travel (Morocco, Peru, Bolivia, Japan the list keeps going!). A fantastic travel bag. It has a removable 15 litres day pack which is really comfortable and can be used anytime. I use it daily outside of traveling, wether it be on my back riding my bike, going to Maltby Market, Borough Market or going to the office.

Its light weight, as there are no steel rods keeping the bag in shape. The best things about the main bag are:

  1. Bag straps can be zipped away so there are no worries of the straps being damaged when the bag is checked in onto the plane.
  2. Lockable zips to prevent thieves from stealing your stuff.
  3. Carry handles on the top and side to make it easier to carry when checking into planes or buses.

I can’t say how highly I recommend this bag. The only thing I hope Osprey will do in the future is add lockable zips onto the day bag as I felt a little unsafe with just having a lock on the strings of the zipper of the day bag when I was travelling on the buses in South America.


Berghaus Shadow 3 in 1

Good solid jacket. Outer jacket is water proof and breathable. Inner jacket is warm (fibre fill), water and wind resistance. The pockets are a good size and easy to open. Its under 150gbp so not overly expensive, does the job and I’ve been very happy with it.


Kathmandu Merino Link Zipper Jumper

Super light, warm and breathable. The zipper makes the top give a range of formal to a cool look. It really is a great jumper to have. Im not sure if Kathmandu will re-introduce the zipper version but they really should!


Uniqlo Heat Tech

I use heat tech thermals for skiing and running in the winter. I find it offers the best price to quality product, which is light and easy to carry around = a great product for travellers!


Kathmandu Compact Towel

XL and Small. The towels absorb the water really well. Whats great about these towels are how soft they feel and how little space they take when folded up, extremely good towels for travellers. The large towel can be used as a light blanket to go to sleep when its hot and humid in the room.


North Face Paramount Peak Convertible

Comfortable trousers to wear in the city or to convert into shorts. Breathable and really good for warm countries. For cold places my advise would be to wear a thermal underneath. The trousers aren’t waterproof but they do dry quickly. Good size pockets and the zip pocket on the right hand side is very useful for valuables. Highly recommended for a trip to South America.

Berghaus Ortler

Breathable, stretchy, comfortable trousers with a vent zip. Can be used for three seasons so are quite warm. Wish there was a bigger pocket with zipper for valuables like on the Paramount Peak. Overall good trekking trousers. They aren’t waterproof so make sure to buy a thin waterproof trousers



Bose SoundTrue In Ear Phones

Having good earphones whilst travelling makes long trips on the bus or the plane more relaxing. For me the soundtrue’s are really good because they are for sports meaning it doesn’t block out all of the sound so you can still get the feeling of whats happening around you. I like to do some running when Im travelling to keep fit so these earphones are amazing for then. Although other travellers like The Counter Intuitive like the Bose QuietComfort Noise cancelling earphones.



I take my tablet and ipad Camera Connection kit whilst travelling. Its a good way to keep in touch with your family and friends and to store pictures either on iCloud or on the iPad. The one thing I really wish iPads could do is to connect with an external Hard Disk. For now during my trips I’ve been very luck to find people who offer to transfer my pictures from SD memory onto a Hard Disk or Memory Stick but Im now contemplating on getting a Mac Book Air or a wireless Hard Disk.