Tesla Battery in homes?

As reported in the BBC, Tesla are going for the battery industry in homes. Moixa Technology in the UK have been researching and developing on something similar but with less marketing and smaller team their specifications do not seem to be able to compete against Tesla.
The BBC has reported “lithium ion battery could be superseded within a few years by other technology, like hydrogen fuel cells”. Ceres Power an offspring of Imperial College is a player in the Fuel Cell Market. If fuel cells become more in demand will Tesla start researching and developing into the industry or will they be acquiring?
From a engineering point of view Tesla have helped put focus on the Battery and Renewable industry for homes and I am hoping to see more competition and innovation in this industry.

Property sector backs Tories

Property Week revealed property companies donated £1.28m to the Tories – six times the amount given to Labour. Each sector has their values but its interesting to see the figures, even though its easy to see from history why property companies like the Tories.

Moving homes, Borough Market, Cafe East

Today was a day of packing, followed by a meeting with a friend at Monmouth Coffee in Borough Market, then dinner with a school friend since 13yrs old at Cafe East in Canada Water.