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Japanese Restaurant in London

1. Shiori


Food ***** Service ***** Location *** Price 50GBP pp

Authentic Kaiseki restaurant in London.


2. Shimogamo

(Camden Town)

Food **** Service ***** Location *** Price 40GBP pp


3. Kikuchi

(Tottenham Court Road)

Food **** Service **** Location *** Price 0GBP pp

Authentic Japanese food


4. Jinkichi


Food **** Service *** Location *** Price 40GBP pp

Good Yakitori up in Hampstead


5. Cocoro


Food **** Service *** Location *** Price 30GBP pp

Good Tonkotsu Ramen.


6. So Restaurant


Food **** Service *** Location **** Price 30GBP pp

Good shime saba. Discounts available sometimes online.


7. Nambu-tei

(Baker Street)

Good comfort food which people tend to see in Izakaya and traditional home food. They serve good dobin-mushi soup.

7. Atariya

Food **** Service *** Location ** Price 30GBP pp

Good sushi at an affordable price.


For Nikkei Food try Luiz Hara’s Supper Club (The London Foodie). Which is a fusion of South American and Japanese cuisine. The Yakiniku, he served in the May Supper club was very good.

Restaurants in London

The Five Fields – Amazing atmosphere and really good food. Definitely one of the best restaurants in London I have been to.

J Sheekey – Fantastic Seafood restaurant. If your in Covent Garden/ Leicester Square its worth dropping into.

The Wright Brothers – Good fresh oysters in a nice chilled out setting. Usually go to the restaurant off Carnaby Street after work.

Fino – Good Tapas restaurant tucked away off Charlotte Street. Good chilled out place to go to after work on the weekday.

Arbutus – Relaxing restaurant with a changing menu each day. Theatre Dining Menus available.

Petrus – Good place to go for a weekend lunch.

La Poule au Pot – Relaxing French restaurant in Belgravia. One can enjoy a relaxing lunch on Saturday feeling as though one is in Paris.

Galvin Bistro – Fantastic French Restaurant on Baker Street.

Cecconi’s – an old favourite for Sunday Italian lunch/brunch off Saville Row.

Olivomare – an italian in Victoria mostly serving seafood. Serves good Bottarga Spaghetti!

Pub Lunches/Dinner.
The Albion – Good Whole Roast Suckling Pork to be shared between friends near Islington.

Good Cheap Eats.
Tay Do/ Song Que – Kingsland Road, Good Vietnamese Restaurants off Shoreditch area.
Cafe East – Good cheap Vietnamese Restaurant 5 mins walk from Canada Water tube station.

Dim Sum/Chinese Restaurant in London

1. Royal China Club
Food *****
Service *****
Location ****

2. Princess Gardens of Mayfair
Food *****
Service ****
Location *****
Downside: Egg Tarts are hardly ever available.

3. Min Jiang
Food *****
Service *****
Location ****

4. Pearl Liang
Food *****
Service ****
Location ***

5. Joy King Lau
Food ****
Service ****
Location ****

Outside Top 5

Grand Imperial
Food ****
Service ****
Location ****
Not really authentic Dim sum, but its pretty good.

Shanghai Blue
Food *****
Service **
Location ****
Downside: Egg Tarts are hardly ever available. Service could be improved.

Imperial China
Food ****
Service ****
Location *****

Chuen Chen Ku
Food ***
Service ****
Location *****

Not Dim Sum

Leong’s Legend
Food ***
Service ****
Location *****

Golden Dragon
Food ****
Service ***
Location *****

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